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    About Us

    About Our Company
    Full Designs is one of the only industry suppliers that owns and controls our
    own factory in China. Not only can schedules be adjusted to accomodate rush
    jobs and new, time sensitve orders, but your products can be proofed by
    photo at any stage of production. In addition, all of our products are hand
    made by permanent employees. We don't use temporary workers, only
    experienced die makers, color artists, and plating professionals.

    Our goal is to provide every client the highest level of quality, attention to
    detail, and customer service.... at the lowest prices possible. Our vision is a
    world filled with bright and shiny pins!
    About Our Company
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    Full Designs sells only through authorized promotional products distributors.

    If you are not a distributor and would like a referral to a distributor in your area, consult your local yellow pages under "Promotional Products" or "Advertising Specialties". You may also complete our referral form and a distributor in your area will contact you.
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