FAQ & Help


1.Why are your prices so much lower than other suppliers?

Don't worry, nothing's wrong :) We own our factory 100%, other suppliers are middlemen between you and the factory.

(some even use our factory) Owning the factory allows us to make our profits on bulk, instead of charging top dollar for every single order.

2.Are your products manufactured in China?

Yes!, Our factory is in Kushan China (a Shanghai Suberb) and has been in operation for almost 20 years.

3.Why are your production times faster than other suppliers?

Because we own our factory, we schedule our own jobs and strive to keep all of our machines running all day. our job scheduling is tight, but can be adjusted on the fly to account for rush orders, new orders, and higher discounts.

4.Higher discounts you say?

Yes, that's what we said! If you are using our products for programs or other non time sensitive orders, we can INCREASE production time, schedule around other jobs, and pass on a nice discount to you.

5.Is your shipping really free?

Yes! We ship Fed Ex P1 International on all orders. Our thinking is that we need to ship them here anyway, and if we ship directly to the end user, it adds both time, and extra cost. So we include shipping to one North American desination per order.

6.Do you offer assistance with artwork?

We sure do! In most cases, we can provide all the assistance you'll need free of charge. In some cases, like asking us to vector trace a photo or other bitmap, we may have to charge you a little....