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Cloisonne is an ancient metalworking technique developed centuries ago in China during the Ming dynasty. The craft is a multi-step enamel process used to produce jewelry, vases, and other decorative items. Hard enamel pins are true jewelry grade products and are often viewed as collectibles. There simply is no higher quality lapel pins or greater perceived value than cloisonne hard enamel. Custom lapel pins jewelry quality lapel pins are durable and detailed with vivid colors and a highly polished surface and high perceived value.

Pigeon Custom Pins Sale
Pigeon Custom Pins
Magic Hat Pins Sale
Magic Hat Pins
Custom Blue Eye Pins Sale
Custom Blue Eye Pins
0.9’’ 3D Cast / Cut Out Pins
Lapel Pins Sale
Lapel Pins
1" Hard enamel pins, with gold finish
Pikachu Pins Sale
Pikachu Pins
1.25’’ hard enamel pins with gold finish,with shinny glitter.
 Coffee Enamel Pins Sale
Coffee Enamel Pins
1.15" Hard enamel pins, with gold finish
Woc Enamel Pins Sale
Woc Enamel Pins
1.05’’ hard enamel pins with silver finish,with shinny glitter
2020 Pins Sale
2020 Pins
1.5’’ hard enamel pins with black nickel finish.
Twin Cat Pins Sale
Twin Cat Pins
1.2’’ hard enamel pins with dye black finish
Book Enamel Pins Sale
Book Enamel Pins
1.2" Hard enamel pins, with gold finish
Mickey Custom Pins Sale
Mickey Custom Pins
0.75" Hard enamel pins with Gold finish
Cat Custom Enamel Pins Sale
Cat Custom Enamel Pins
1.9’’ hard enamel pins with gold finish.
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